2018 – 27th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 3rd District Aaron and Rickey Bloom, Yola Doré, Anny Semonco
  • 1st District Dr. Tomás García
  • 2nd District Janet A. Neal
  • 4th District Outpatient Services Leadership Team, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center
  • 5th District Kathleen Barajas
  • Chairperson’s Award Dr. Barbara Ferrer and Louis Herrera
  • Bill Tainter Public Service Award Kenneth S. Howard
  • Billy Barty Media/Sports Award Tracy Broughton
  • Jane Small Advocacy Award San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center
  • Nadia Powers Leadership Award Vanessa O. Smith
  • Pearl Ella Johnson Community Service Award Dr. Barry Lavay

2017 – 26th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 2nd District The Achievable Foundation
  • 1st district Hector Ochoa
  • 3rd District James M. Chud, Maria Serrao
  • 4th District Honoree Jennifer Kumiyama
  • 5th District Honoree Andrew Skinner
  • Chairperson’s Award Mayra Fornos Ralph’s Riders Foundation
  • Bill Tainter Public Service Award Honoree Giovanna Gogreve
  • Ernest T. Hamilton, Jr. Veteran’s Award Honoree Paralyzed Veterans of America California Chapter in Long Beach
  • Pearl Ella Community Service Award Cynde Soto Clothes the Deal

2016 – 25th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District Sandra Flores, Alma Family Services
  • 1st District Ruben Hernandez, Founder of Unification of Disabled Latin Americans
  • 2nd District Linda Shimane
  • 2nd District Wiley Center for Speech and Language Development
  • 3rd District Brenda Seiden, M.S.
  • 4th District Las Floristas
  • 4th District Rancho Los Amigos Foundation
  • 5th District Alethea M. Crespo – Rose Bowl Aquatics Center
  • 5th District Kevin D. Korenthal – KORE Communications, LLC
  • 5th District Cathy Gott – Danny’s Farm
  • Chairperson’s Awards James Lee & Louis Burns
  • Nadia Power Leadership Award Alexander A. Ghaffari
  • Billy Barty Award The Wilderness Institute
  • Pearl Ella Johnson Community Service Award Tiffany Yonemoto

2015 - 24th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District Jorge Chuc
  • 2nd District Meals on Wheel Program City of Inglewood
  • 3rd District Marilyn Grunwald
  • 4th District Gilbert Salinas
  • 5th District Bud Brown and Sona Baghdassarian
  • Chairperson’s Awards James J.S. Holmes & Kevin Gilliland, Sedgwick LLP
  • Billy Barty Award (Media/Sports) Richard Bell & Ray Pizarro, Pushrim Foundation
  • Harley Rubenstein Caregiver Award Jeffrey Gamble
  • Jane Small Award Lori Arnoff, Los Angeles HIV Law and Policy Project (LA HLLP)
  • Pearl Ella Johnson Community Service Award The E.J. Jackson Foundation, Jackson
  • Limousine Service

2014 - 23th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District Sal Valdez
  • 2nd District The Help Group
  • 3rd District Jacob Ramsey
  • 4th District Joe Leal
  • 5th District Jerry and Phyllis Campbell
  • 5th District Jamie Goodreau
  • City of Los Angeles Department on Disability
  • City of Pasadena Accessibility and Disability
  • City of Culver City Disability Advisory Committee
  • City of Santa Monica Disabilities Commission
  • City of West Hollywood Disabilities Advisory Board
  • Chairperson’s Award Theresa May De Vera

2013 - 22nd Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District Gabriela Hernandez-Gonzalez
  • 2nd District Ability First
  • 3rd District Michelle Krotinger Wolf
  • 4th District Janne Kouri
  • 5th District Kimberly Albarecq
  • 5th District LeRoy Wm. Nattress, Jr., Ph.D.
  • 5th District Michael Shanklin
  • Chairperson’s Award Los Angeles Fire Department Urban Search and Rescue
  • Harley Rubenstein Award Lora King
  • Jane Small Advocacy Award Teddie-Joy Remhild
  • Pearl Ella Johnson Community Service Award City of Hope
  • Veterans Award Major Lenora Gay Ingram

2012 – 21st Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District Timothy Hernandez
  • 2nd District Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic
  • 3rd District National Arts & Disability of California
  • 4th District Community Advocates for People Choices
  • 5th District Kathleen Sturkey
  • Billy Barty Award Nine O’Clock Players
  • Billy Barty Award Noreen Vincent
  • Billy Barty Award Gerardo Borrego
  • Legends Award Shari Gamson

2011 – 20th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District Victor Hugo Padilla
  • 2nd District Alyce Morris Winston
  • 3rd District Zack Weinstein
  • 4th District Allan Buck
  • 5th District Tyrone Hampton
  • Billy Barty Award TV Japan
  • Chairperson’s Award Marcia Gayle
  • Bill Tainter Public Service Award Regina Houston Swain
  • Harley Rubenstein Caregiver Award Dr. Raul Ramirez
  • Pearl Ella Johnson Community Service Award Locks of Love

2010 – 19th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District Lourdes Caracoza
  • 2nd District Areva D. Martin, Esq.
  • 3rd District Dr. Rick Scuderi
  • 4th District Got Kids?
  • 5th District Carousel Ranch
  • 5th District Saddle Up Therapeutic Riding Stables
  • Chairperson’s Award, NBC Universal
  • Ernest T. Hamilton, Jr. Veteran’s Award, TRIUMPH Foundation
  • Jane Small Advocacy Award, CALIF (Communities Actively Living Independent and Free)
  • Legends Award, Marcella M. Meyer
  • Nadia Powers Leadership Award, Richard Lorenzo Ray

2009 – 18th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District L.A. Care Health Plan
  • 2nd District Consuella Mackey
  • 3rd District Deaf West Theatre
  • 4th District Angela Madsen
  • 5th District Winslow C. Reitnouer
  • Billy Barty Award, I AM PWD
  • Chairperson’s Award, Sharon Crittendon
  • Jane Small Advocacy Award, Stephen Simon
  • Nadia Powers Leadership, Rafer Johnson
  • Pearl Ella Johnson Community Service Award, Beauty Bus

2008 – 17th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District Salvation Army-Harbor Light Center
  • 2nd District Sandy Varga, Disability Rights Advocate
  • 2nd District Michael Agyin, Disability Rights Advocate
  • 3rd District Braille Institute
  • 4th District Charles Martucci, Community Services Coordinator, City of Lakewood
  • 5th District Lou Bozigian, Co-Owner, Coldwell Banker Bozigian Realty
  • Billy Barty Award, Lou Ferrigno, Actor, Body Builder & Reserve LAC Sheriff Deputy
  • Chairperson’s Award, MOMSPharmacy
  • Jane Small Advocacy Award, HALSA, Inc. (HIV & AIDS Legal Services Alliance, Inc.)
  • Nadia Powers Leadership Award, Chip Hazen, ADA Compliance Officer, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (METRO)
  • Pearl Ella Johnson Community Service Award, Alan H. Woo, Director of Planning and Program Development, Community Action Partnership of Orange County

2007 – 16th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District Washington Mutual
  • 2nd District Junior Blind of America
  • 3rd District Terri Lantz, United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles
  • 4th District Ben Rockwell, Beach-Wood Chapter of Californians for Disability Rights
  • 5th District Steve Miller, Tierra Del Sol Foundation
  • Bill Tainter Award, Kristina Ripatti of Los Angeles Police Department
  • Billy Barty Award, Extreme Makeover Home Edition
  • Chairperson’s Award, Captain Gregory Malais, Los Angeles Fire Department
  • Jane Small Advocacy Award, Protection & Advocacy, Inc.
  • Pearl Ella Johnson Award, Lawrence Pleskow of When U Dream a Dream, Inc.

2006 – 15th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District Rick Vannan, Plant Manager, Clorox Company
  • 2nd District Sheila Cruz, Los Angeles City Department of Transportation
  • 3rd District Ben Uphues, Founder, Opaque Dining in the Dark
  • 4th District Blanche Grove, City of Cerritos Adaptive Recreation Programs
  • 5th District Dennis Wick, Antelope Valley Special Olympics
  • Billy Barty Inspirational Award, Elizabeth Helmes, Executive Director, AHEAD with Horses
  • Chairperson’s Award, Kathleen Nola Thomas, T.H.E Clinic
  • Community –At-Large Award, Paul Cahill, Chair, Marriott Business Council
  • Jane Small Advocacy Award, Royce Crowder, Disabilities Advocate
  • Public Service Award, Bobbi Jean Tanberg

2005 – 14th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District April Thompson, Manager, Ushers and Ticket Takers of Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 2nd District Jim Preis, Executive Director, Mental Health Advocacy Services, Inc
  • .
  • 3rd District John Gile, Executive Director, Project Angel Food
  • 4th District Maria Venegas, Partner, PETCO, Downey CA
  • 5th District Cindy Cox Goodfellow, President & CEO, Aeroplex Business Center, Inc.
  • Billy Barty Award, Mary Ann Glicksman, Executive Director, Computer Access Center
  • Chairperson’s Award, Bally Total Fitness, Culver City
  • Community at Large Awardee, Marie Villalobos and Deputy Adam Castro, LASD
  • Jane Small Award, Hugh Hallenberg, Advocate
  • Public Service Award, Honorable Beverly O’Neal, Mayor, City of Long Beach
  • Robert Abell Award, Larry Albers, Handi Plate Research and Development, Inc.

2004 – 13th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • 1st District Tony Iskandar, VP & GM, Goudy Honda
  • 2nd District Christine Leahey, Visitor Services Dir., Santa Monica Museum of Art
  • 3rd District Calif. Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities
  • 4th District Ken Slu, Planner, L.A. County Beaches and Harbors
  • 5th District Grace Waegell Tiessen, President, Board of Trustees, SHHH, (Self Help for Hard of Hearing)
  • Ron Schraiber, M.A. Director Office of Consumer Affairs, Department of Mental Health
  • Richard Nichols, Chair, WIB (L.A. County Workforce Investment Board)
  • Paula and Lewis Turner, Owners, Pet Care Co.
  • Dianne Piastro, Instructor/Lecturer, Cal-State Long Beach & PASC Consultant
  • Valerie Vanaman, Attorney, Teaching Fellow, Harvard Law

2003 – 12th Annual Access Awards Luncheon – Awardees

  • Ted Casey & Toyota Motor Sales, USA (Employment Program for mentally challenged)
  • Foster Grandparents Program, Metropolitan State Hospital
  • Jeneen Vendetti, Sheila Kvale & Staff, Secrets Salon (make-overs for mentally challenged)
  • Antonio Parisi, Advocate, Mentor, Boxer
  • Shane’s Inspiration, Developer of Accessible Playground Equipment
  • Nare Setyan, Youth Sculptress (blind)
  • Beverly Health Care, Deaf Services Program
  • Victor Caballero, Fiesta Taxi, Disabled Passenger Program Dr. Harlan Hahn, (DECLINED AWARD)

2002 – 11th Annual Access Awards Luncheon - Awardees

  • John Savage & American Honda Motor
  • Margaret “Maggie” Belton, Chair, Personal Assistance Services Council (PASC)
  • Wayne Boudreau, Special Ed Program Specialist, Palmdale School District
  • Ruben Hernandez, Founder of Unification of Disabled Latin Americans
  • Mattye Fegan-Perry, Member, California Senior Legislature
  • University of California, Los Angeles, Office for Students with Disabilities
  • Jeanette A. Nishikawa, Executive Director, Disabled Resources Center, Inc.
  • Delta Air Lines, the Innovative Delta Air Chair (wheelchair)
  • Susan Schneider Gordon, Volunteer, Culver City Senior Center
  • Lynn Olson, Advocate & Owner, Manhattan Beach Bread & Bagel Co.

2001 – 10th Annual Access Awards Luncheon - Awardees

  • Holly & Rodney Peete, HollyRod Foundation
  • Nadia Powers, Advocate & Workforce Investment Board member
  • Disneyland Resort – Front Line Employees
  • Valerie Zanders, Program Director, Portal Mental Health Rehab
  • Casa Colina Outdoor Adventures
  • Vincent Bryson, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House
  • Linda & Abbott Brown, Ridgestone Foundation – ABELL AWARD
  • Team Hoyt (Rick/Dick), Father and disabled son marathon team – BARTY AWARD
  • Alan Toy – LILA Website - SMALL AWARD

2000 - 9th Annual Access Awards Luncheon - Awardees

  • Olegario D. Cantos VII, Western Law Center for Disability Rights
  • Dr. Samuel M. Genensky, Founder, Center for the Partially Sighted
  • Robert David Hall, Actor, Role Model
  • Harvey L. Huddleston, V.P. Gen. Mgr., Xerox Connection, Xerox Corp.
  • Mary Ann Jones, Exec. Dir., Westside Center for Independent Living
  • Mordena Moore, Vice Chair, Board of Directors, AbilityFirst
  • Peggy Reyna, Project Director, LAC Assaults Against Women
  • Sylvia Rodriguez - Bill Tainter Internship
Jane Small Award - Inaugural
  • Charles D. Siegal, President, Western Center for Disability Rights

1999 - 8th Annual Access Awards Luncheon - Awardees

  • Lillibeth Navarro, Advocate, IRAPS
  • Jennifer P. Olson, Esq., Employment Law and ADA
  • Eric Levinson, Burbank Advisory Council on Disabilities
  • Lynn Manning, Calif. Arts Council’s Artist in Residence, Mark Taper Forum
  • Southwest Airlines (Anastasia Albanese-O'Neil)
  • Staples Foundation Community Development (Jose Gardea)
  • Bob Farran, LAC Office of Special Education

1998 - 7th Annual Access Awards Luncheon - Awardees

  • Chet Cooper, Publisher, Ability Magazine & Founder, Ability Awareness Org.
  • Nancy J. Covert, Chair Emeritus, Calif. Governor’s Committee
  • Judge Fred Horn, Orange County Superior Court
  • Cyrile “Cy Cy” Lambert, Motivational Speaker, Founder, RVL S.C.O.R.E.
  • Dr. Harry J. Murphy, Founder/Dir., Center on Disabilities, Cal State Northridge
  • Gerard Rossi, Volunteer/Leader Visually Impaired Community
  • Bill Ste. Marie, Teacher/Mentor for Disabled Students, Bellflower High School
Los Angeles County Regional Centers
  • Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center
  • Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center
  • Harbor Regional Center
  • North Angeles Regional Center
  • San Gabriel/Pomona Valley Regional Center
  • South Central Los Angeles Regional Center
  • Westside Regional Center

1997 - 6th Annual Access Awards Luncheon - Awardees

  • Paul Harvey, Founder of numerous sports activities for disabled youth in Irvine
  • Christina Hyosun Kimm, Professor, Special Education, Cal State LA
  • Douglas Martin, Professor, Special Assistant to Chancellor, UCLA
  • SHARE, Inc. (Share Happily and Reap Endlessly)
  • Betty R. Wilson, Director, City of Los Angeles Office on Disabilities
Schools - Community Colleges
  • East Los Angeles College
  • Los Angeles Southwest College
  • Los Angeles Harbor College
  • Los Angeles Valley College
  • Los Angeles Mission College
Department of the Year
  • Beaches and Harbors

1996 - 5th Annual Access Awards Luncheon - Awardees

  • Laura Remson Mitchell
  • Mainstream Magazine
  • Rockwell - Space Systems
  • Richard Chavez
Schools - Universities
  • Cal State Northridge
  • Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  • Cal State Long Beach
  • Cal State Los Angeles
  • Cal State Dominguez Hills
  • UCLA
Department of the Year
  • Beaches and Harbors

1995 - 4th Annual Access Awards Luncheon - Awardees

  • Judith Heumann
  • State Senator Diane Watson
  • Mitch Pomerantz
  • VONS Markets
  • John Hill

1994 - 3rd Annual Access Awards Luncheon - Awardees

  • Victoria Ann-Lewis
  • Justice Joyce Kennard
  • Brenda Premo
  • Target Stores
  • Supervisor Edmund D. Edelman
  • Joanne Sturges

1993 - 2nd Annual Access Awards Luncheon - Awardees

  • Karla Geller
  • Bridges Project, Marriott Foundation
  • Frank Lindsey
  • Super Shuttle

1992 Inaugural Annual Access Awards Luncheon - Awardees * *

  • Gordon Sam Overton
  • Xerox Corporation
  • Nordstrom
  • City of Whittier/Whittier Access Committee

1989 Open House and Recognition Ceremony

  • Douglas Martin
  • Timothy Cook
  • John Day
  • Herald Examiner
  • Exceptional Children’s Foundation

1988 Open House and Recognition Ceremony

  • Stanley Fleishman
  • Carolyn Vash
  • Western Law Center for Disability Rights
  • Los Angeles County Department of Parks & Recreation